Construction Notices

There are three major construction projects currently in and adjacent to Exposition Park. You may click on each project and you will be redirected to their homepage for additional information.

  • Abatement/Demolition/Concrete Crushing – Beginning August 2016 – Mid-November 2016
  • We will be hauling out lots of debris and crushed concrete off the jobsite through this duration. Will be heavy on trucking, similar to now, through then. Primarily out of Gate 1
  • Mass Grading –  Late Oct  2016 – Late Jan 2017
  • We will be hauling out dirt at the beginning of this activity. Heavy equipment moving around on the jobsite moving dirt and digging the hole to start building the structure. Additionally deliveries of steel and concrete.
  • West Quad Foundations – Mid Dec 2016 – Mid Feb 2017
  • During this time frame we will have deliveries of formwork, rebar and concrete, primarily through Gate 1.
  • Tower Crane Installation – Starting Mid Dec through Beginning of January
  • Tower Crane will be installed on the west side of the project. Heavy on the trucking – parts / pieces of the crane – during the erection, as well as a large crane to assemble the tower crane. All set up from inside the fencing.