Parking Information

Hours of Operation

Exposition Park is located at 700 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90037.

Parking facilities are open daily from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. For daily and museum parking, enter at the intersection of 39th and Figueroa Streets. Additional parking can be accessed at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and South Hoover Street.

Extended parking hours are available during special events and sporting events. Hours, rates and the availability of parking spaces during these events are subject to change.

Parking Rates


Parking Rate
Daily Operations (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) $20
Evening Rate (after 5:00pm) $24
School Buses $20
Special Event Rate* $24 and above
Major Events and Concerts*

$24 and above

* Special Event Rates/Major Events/Concerts will be no less than $24 but will be determined by the OEPM based on the nature of the event, market rate and demand.
  • Special event parking rates and availability varies. Please contact the event organizer or event page for specific information on parking rates and availability.
  • Oversized vehicles will be charged a special event rate multiplied by the number of parking spaces needed for the vehicle. Please note: drivers of oversized vehicles should request parking in advance for a special event, as parking accommodations may not be available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are parking rates different during football games?

Parking for USC football games is by permit only. Permits are issued by USC.

Are there “in and out” privileges?

Parking tickets are for same day use only. Overnight parking is never permitted.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations?

EV charging is available in the Visitor Parking Structure and can be accessed on the north side of Level A and Level B. The stations can be used for the duration of your visit.

Are there height and weight restrictions in the Visitor Parking Structure?

The Blue Parking Structure has a height restriction of 8’2″ for levels A, B and C. Level D of the parking structure has a height restriction of 7’0″.

Where is ADA parking located?

All of Exposition Park’s parking facilities are ADA accessible and contain ADA spaces. The ADA spaces in the Visitor Parking Structure are located on all floors and are available on a first come first serve basis.

USC Game Day Parking Guidelines


Tailgating in Exposition Park parking areas is only permitted prior to University of Southern California (USC) home football games. Tailgating in Exposition Park parking areas is intended for event day ticket holders only. All fans and visitors must adhere to the following rules and policies. Please note: parking during USC football games is only permitted by an issued pass. No general admission parking is sold on game days.

Parking areas open five hours prior to the event.

This applies to both vehicles and fans.  Please follow the direction of law enforcement and parking attendants at all times. Vehicles cannot stage on or block the flow of traffic on any street prior to the opening of the Exposition Park parking areas.

Tailgating must end 30 minutes after the start of the event.

Fans must put away all equipment, food and tailgating accessories no later than 30 minutes after the start of the event. Exposition Park is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

There is no overnight parking.

Overnight parking is not permitted on Exposition Park property. Any vehicles left overnight will be towed and/or cited at owner’s expense.

Lots close 1.5 hours (one hour and a half) after the conclusion of the event.

Fans and their vehicles must exit the parking lots at closing time.

One space per permit

Vehicles are allowed one parking pass and one parking space. Any vehicle taking more than one parking space or parked incorrectly will be subject to tow or citation. All fees associated with the removal and impounding of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner. Visitors may not use an additional hangtag for tailgating or additional vehicles space.

Oversized vehicles

Oversized vehicles must obtain a special permit in advance to park onsite during football game days.

All drivers must follow the instructions given by parking attendants. Fans must always follow the directions of the Exposition Park parking team and law enforcement. Vehicles that do not park in a location assigned by a parking team member or law enforcement are subject to tow and/or citation. All fees associated with the removal and impounding of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner.

No reserved spaces

Fans that wish to park next to friends must arrive at the parking entrance at the same time, i.e. following one another. Parking spots cannot be reserved or saved for family and/or friends arriving later.  Fans are not allowed to rope off or reserve large tailgate areas. Fans may only park in the space they are assigned by the parking team.

Tailgating spaces

Tailgating in parking areas is limited to an 8’ x 8’ area directly in front of or behind the vehicle. Tailgating in empty stalls is strictly prohibited, even with an unused parking pass. Tailgating equipment, such as chairs, tents, propane/ natural gas grills and other items, cannot extend beyond the fire lanes for vehicles or sidewalks.

Tent size and weighting

Fans are permitted to bring up to one (1) 8’ x 8’ shade tent per parking space and must not extend beyond the fire lanes, along sidewalks, walkways or other areas. It is required that all tents be weighted down to prevent movement, over-turning, etc. as a result of weather and or pedestrian traffic. For safety reasons, tents must be taken down before entering the stadium. – ABSOLUTELY NO STAKING OF ANY KIND PERMITTED.

Sale of food or beverage items is prohibited.

Fans are limited to bringing and preparing food for their family and friends. Private catering companies are not allowed in parking areas. The sale of food or beverages is strictly prohibited.

Non-licensed motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Golf carts, Segways, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, hover boards and other non-licensed motorized vehicles are not allowed and are prohibited from operation within the parking areas. Motorized/electric scooters and bicycles are also strictly prohibited from being brought in or dropped off in the parking areas.

Radio controlled model aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, drones and other similar devices are prohibited.

Possession or operation of these devices will result in immediate ejection from the area, confiscation of the devices and potential law enforcement action.

Portable public-address systems/amplified music restrictions.

Sound systems cannot be used at excessive volume levels or playing music not suitable for a public setting as determined by parking attendants or security team member.

Small portable electric generators (6500W or less) are allowed.

Electrical cords cannot be placed across parking area drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests.

Advertising/Sale of goods and services is not permitted.

Vehicles with exterior advertising are not allowed in the parking areas even with a valid hangtag or mobile parking pass. Hanging commercial signage on vehicles, tents or by other means is also not permitted and may result in removal from the lot.

No liability

Exposition Park assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or its contents (including but not limited to tailgating items).  Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in plain view.

Season tickets, other event tickets and parking passes can and will be revoked for non-compliance of Exposition Park parking regulations.

If you require assistance or wish to report violations of these Rules and Policies, please contact:

  • Exposition Park Department of Public Safety: (213) 744-7412
  • Exposition Park Parking Management Office: (213) 741-0160 (during hours of operation)

Parking Management is Provided by Everpark, Inc.